Tata Inverter Batteries

Tata provides a quality product from TATA AutoComp GY Batteries Ltd with the technology support from GS-YUASA, Japan, the global leader in battery industry.

Features TATA Green Inverter Batteries provide consistent performance from start to finish. The excellent quality control parameters make them high performance, give them longer life and make them maintenance-free batteries. These batteries come up with ready-to-install, high back-up, long life, Ultra Low maintenance and leakage-proof features.

Long life The exclusive high density plate design reduces shedding thereby provides extra long life to the battery.

Quick charging Unique paste and electrolyte combination makes the battery quick charged between power failures

Type of Tata Inverter Batteries
100Ah TATA Green INV 100
135 Ah TATA Green 135Ah
150 Ah TATA Green 150Ah

Brand and Price of Batteries

Following are the list of Inverter Batteries we offer
Exide-Inva Tubular

Rated Capacity (200 Ah)

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Rated Capacity (55 Ah)

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Rated Capacity (65 Ah)

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Okaya Big Yellow

30% extra electrolyte for less water top up

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