Luminous Inverter Batteries

Luminous provide batteries which are the power source of the Inverters and Long Back up UPS that keep our appliances running.
In a very short span of time, Luminous has grown in its enterprise to produce world class batteries specially designed for inverters/long back up UPS systems.

Luminous with its matchless ability in power electronics field combined with world class battery manufacturing technology has come up with batteries specially designed for long back up applications. These batteries are superior in quality delivering longer back up.
Luminous spend millions of dollars on the research and development of innovative and green technological practices to come out with batteries that not only deliver excellent performance but are very lively to be used in households and offices.
Having a very long life and high reliability luminous batteries are specially designed to perform uniformly. These are perfect for a wide range of applications.
Some of the specialties of Luminous Batteries include
1. Extreme compatibility with your Inverter and UPS Systems
2. Provide very high performance under extremely adverse conditions
3. Especially designed to keep leakage and corrosion at bay
4. Deep Discharge and Overcharge Protection
5. Beautifully designed exteriors
6. Protection Against accidental short-circuit of cells
7. Special composition
8. Unparallel charge acceptance and handling

Brand and Price of Batteries

Following are the list of Inverter Batteries we offer
Exide-Inva Tubular

Rated Capacity (200 Ah)

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Rated Capacity (55 Ah)

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Rated Capacity (65 Ah)

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Okaya Big Yellow

30% extra electrolyte for less water top up

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