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We are offering a wide range of long lasting Inverter Batteries

Gone are the days when Inverter Batteries and Automobile Batteries use to be same. As we are dealing in Inverter Batteries from last 25+ years, so we remember that there was no difference in Automobile Batteries and Inverter Batteries. But now the picture has completely changed. Not only there is specific Inverter Battery but there are different brands which belongs to Inverter Battery like: Lead-Acid Inverter Battery, Tubular Inverter Battery, SMF Inverter Battery etc. All these Inverter Batteries are available with us in Delhi/NCR. We can also deliver these Inverter Batteries at your door-step in Delhi/NCR region.

As there are different battery brands selling Inverter battery but more popular are as follows- Exide Inverter Battery, Amaron Inverter Battery, Prestolite Inverter Battery, Tata Inverter Battery, Luminous Inverter battery, Digi-Power Inverter battery, Okaya Inverter Battery and many more. Moreover these batteries are having different types such as:
1.The Lead Acid Battery is made up of plates, lead, and lead oxide (various other elements are used to change density, hardness, porosity, etc.) with a 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water solution.
2.The Tubular Plate Batteries are designed extremely strong and can withstand 1400 cycles of deep discharge at 80% discharge levels in its lifetime. All the plate grids in flat plates and the spines in the tubular plates are cast in automated high-pressure machine with maximum 2.5% antimony alloy.
3.Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries, more commonly known as SMF. These batteries are fully sealed. SMF Batteries are highly recommended for Inverters. They are safe and maintenance free.

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Brand and Price of Batteries

Following are the list of Inverter Batteries we offer
Exide-Inva Tubular

Rated Capacity (200 Ah)

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Rated Capacity (55 Ah)

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Rated Capacity (65 Ah)

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Okaya Big Yellow

30% extra electrolyte for less water top up

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